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Do I Need to Buy a Home Warranty? You Probably Should But…

AMERICAN HOME SHIELDI’m not necessarily a “handyman” but even if I were there are some home systems that require a higher level of skill or a special tool not in my physical or mental box so I must reach outside for help.

This is where things can get expensive and troublesome—especially if you hire the wrong someone.

My first home purchase no one had to convince me to get a home warranty—for me it was a no-brainer decision. Especially since it wasn’t expensive.

Most of the time you can even get home Sellers to pay for the warranty as part of your purchase agreement—especially when I am your Realtor! 🙂

Sellers like warranties too because they can elect the option for the warranty to cover all of their major systems while they have the house on the market for sale. Nothing stings worse to a Seller trying to sell than when they have to take their home off the market because a major costly system broke down.

Home warranties not only give you peace of mind but they protect your monthly budget. When something does break down they will send one of their contractors and you pay a very small deductible versus the expensive hourly rates you would normally pay a licensed technician. Further, if they can’t fix the problem they will replace the system!

See why that is a no-brainer decision?

If you are trying to sell your home, even if you don’t elect the Seller coverage, you can offer it as a marketing perk to potential home buyers.

This is very helpful especially for those For Sale By Owners who attempt to save a little money selling their home on their own without a Realtor (I don’t recommend doing that personally as most financially qualified home buyers are working with Realtors because it’s completely free for them to have the professional representation).

Many times home buyers avoid FSBO homes with what they may perceive as intuitive caution. Their first question being—”I wonder why they are not listed with a real estate company…maybe something is not quite right with the house?”(They of course have no clue you are just trying to save a little money).

So one great way to immediately help overcome this intital objection and help get them inside the door is to have an attractive sign out in your front yard offering peace of mind stating “FREE HOME WARRANTY INCLUDED“.

There are many Home Warranty companies to choose from. Personally, I highly admire and respect the Founders of American Home Shield. (Adrienne Cobb is my personal Account Manager and does a great job taking care of me – send me a direct message if you’d like her contact info).

Do your own diligence and research on whomever you decide to use. Google the company name for complaints and Check with the Better Business Bureau.

At any given time I’m in constant contact with several home sellers in the greater Indianapolis area who are trying to sell their homes on their own and I routinely offer them helpful advice for free (so if you’re home shopping and not having luck finding inventory be sure to let me know what you’re criteria is as I may know of a home not listed on the market).

I often provided these For Sale by Owners with a free no-obligation current market analysis for their home so they can see the fair market value and what their competition is doing with inside historical and current sales data extracted from our local MLS.

Many of them have expressed sincere gratitude for sharing this single tip regarding using home warranties as a marketing aid to help sell their homes faster.

I hope you’ve found value in this article as well and if so please do consider sharing it with your friends on Facebook or Twitter who might be thinking about buying or selling a home soon.

Ryan Hakes is a licensed real estate practitioner serving the Indianapolis, Indiana area and surrounding counties, is a father to three beautiful children, passionate about his Christian Faith and very much enjoys helping others buy and sell real estate to help further accomplish their life’s goals and dreams.—the only Real Estate website you’ll ever need!


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