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Frustrated is the homebuyer who finds a home, loves it, schedules a showing to see it, researches it, views it and then instructs their Realtor to write up an offer only to find out the home of their dreams is now under contract after only 1 day on the market for sale.

In hot real estate markets where homes are selling the same day or very soon after they are listed homebuyers with mortgage pre-qualification letters in place ready to submit with their offers to purchase are in a much better position to get a home under contract much faster than those without.

I advise all of my clients before we even seen the first house to meet with a mortgage lender for a quick pre-qualification. This can be as simple as a phone call or email. A lender will ask you about your debts, income and employment, run your credit and then provide you with a pre-qualification letter that will reveal how much of a mortgage loan you pre-qualify for. If there are any issues that need addressed before they can pre-qualify you for a loan they will share that information as well and provide you with tips to help speed the process up faster towards being able to qualify.

Choosing a lender is one of the most important decisions you’ll make in purchasing a home. Be sure to check out their reputation and consider asking for references. Compare rates and fees. Learn the differences between the various mortgage products available (FHA loans, Conventional, USDA, VA, etc.)

Below are a few local expert home mortgage lenders that can help answer your mortgage financing questions. You are free to use any lender you choose when financing a home.

Click on lender’s name for contact info:

Josh Spiegel (Integrity Mortgage)

Brandy Jones (Union Home Mortgage)

Scott Miller (Ruoff Mortgage)

Ryan Montgomery (Caliber)

Kyle Law (Bailey & Wood)